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BE SCENE! Turn your vehicle or trailer into a mobile billboard. No vehicle to large or too small. Let us know your vision and we can bring it to life. Please contact us for more information on your project.


What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are color digital prints that are affixed to vehicles using specially designed vinyl. Digital printing allows businesses to put any image on vehicles including photos, logos and text.

Why Use Vehicle Wraps for Advertising?

This trend is the latest in an effort for businesses to find new and exciting ways to promote their products. Vehicles are mobile billboards that last for years and are not fixed in one spot. Market research companies have found that vehicle wraps are the most cost effective way to advertise by generating 30,000-70,000 sightings a day.

How long will the vehicle wrap last?

We have several materials which are specifically designed to last for different time frames. Typically, with proper care a wrap can last up to 5 years.

Is there a warranty on the vehicle wrap?

We offer the same warranty that our suppliers provide to us which are typically 3 years for those applied to painted surfaces and 1 year for those applied to glass.

Will a Vehicle wrap damage the paint on a vehicle?

NO, it will not damage the paint unless the vehicle has been recently repainted within the last 45 days before the wrap has been installed. In reality, the wrap protects the paint from UV rays and minor abrasions.

What’s the difference between partial wrap and a full wrap?

A partial wrap typically includes wrapping of the rear of the vehicle and a portion of the sides of the vehicle. A hood logo is usually included. A full wrap includes the entirety of the vehicle not including the roof. However, there are some clients that request the roof be completed.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

There are several factors that affect the cost of a wrap. Please contact us for more information.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround times will vary based on the complexity and size of job. Time frames will always be provided on any quote.

Will I be able to see through the windows once the vehicle is wrapped?

The window graphics are printed on a perforated material that allows the occupants to see out the windows. The window material only goes on the rear windows-not on the driver and passenger side windows as required by law.

What if I want to change a phone number or something else once the vehicle is wrapped?

We can produce and install overlays with the new information to go over the previous ones.

What types of vehicles can you wrap?

We can wrap all types of vehicles including trailers and boats. If you are not sure, please contact The Sign Station.

Can you wrap plastic or fiberglass bodies?

We can wrap these, but more so those that come from the factory or an after-market manufacturer for these specialty bodies. However, please contact The Sign Station to confirm your application.

How do I protect my wrap?

Please avoid using a power washer especially up close as it may start lifting the edges of the wrap. Be even more cautious with the perforated material used for windows.

GENERAL COSTS SUMMARY (for most cars, vans, trucks)

  • Wrap design: $250 (partial wrap) -$350 (full wrap), including up to 2 revisions
  • Partial wraps: typically $1,200 – $2,000 after design is complete
  • Full car / van / truck wraps: typically $2,200 – $3,500 after design is complete
  • Color change full wraps: typically $3,600 – $4,500 depending upon the vehicle size, original color, the new color, and body complexity

Ready to get specific about your wrap project? Please contact us for more information.

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